Adron Buske - Nerd For A Living co-founder, creative director, and hostNerd For A Living co-founder Adron Buske is our podcast host and creative director. He is also a contributing writer to the site and a frequent speaker & presenter on our convention panels. A life-long nerd, his passions are animation, film & television, comics, gaming (tabletop and digital), and fandom conventions.

Adron is a multi-discipline creative professional with over 15 years of experience working in digital & broadcast media and marketing. His specialties include graphic design, web design & development, digital strategy & client solutions, copywriting, photography, video production & direction, and team leadership.

He spent eleven years in the radio industry, working with clients ranging from small businesses to international mega-brands. In 2013, he left his role as a corporate-level creative director for one of the largest radio media companies in the United States to start his own businesses and focus on creative endeavors.

Adron Buske at Podcast Movement 2016, introducing speaker Aaron Manke

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