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Blogger Boot Camp: Level 1 – Tough Love and Tougher Deadlines

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As the web continues to expand, writers are in high demand. Working as a freelance writer can be an exciting career path, but there are some pretty big potholes in the road ahead. To help you navigate the ups and downs, Nerd For A Living presents “Blogger Boot Camp”, a series of posts from Rob Lammle, a seven-year veteran freelance writer for sites like Mental Floss Magazine and Rob will give you a glimpse into the life of a freelancer to see if you have what it takes to become a successful content creating machine.

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Forming a Comic Creator Group

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Creating comics can be a solitary experience. The time required to pursue what most of us are doing as a hobby or ambition can exceed the 40-hour work week. How do you repel that quagmire of wasted time and keep the creative fires lit AND score some much needed social time? Get out and form a comic creator group.

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Power-Up Your LinkedIn Profile

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Whether you are an aspiring game programmer or an independent artist looking for freelance opportunities, there’s a very good chance you’ll have to face the challenge of LinkedIn. As you navigate its numerous profile options, or comb through an often overwhelming feed of user chatter, LinkedIn can quickly become confusing and stress-inducing. Many people just use LinkedIn as an online version of their resume. Others share and contribute to it daily. Regardless of the industry you’re interested in, or how you intend to use LinkedIn, knowing the etiquette of this heavily critiqued and potentially deal making (or breaking) social channel should be a priority.

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Brain Food: Six Books to Prime your Business Mind

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In your pursuit of a nerdy living, particularly one devoted to creative tasks and/or the running of your own company, it can be hard to juggle a lot of different roles AND keep learning about business. Feeding your brain with stimulating ideas is very important to your growth as an entrepreneur. Fresh insight will help you to reevaluate how you work, to become more efficient and effective. You may find new ways to market your ideas and products, and to challenge your own perceptions about your audience or customers. Here are 6 books to help feed your mind and expand your nerd super powers.

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Show Up / Wear Pants: Quick Tips for Gainful Employment

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There are plenty of jobs out there in the big, scary world that require degrees with various acronyms from prestigious schools. There are also jobs that say those credentials are “preferred”, but in reality, the recruiter is just looking for a smart, reliable person who isn’t an ass. This article shares a a quick list of simple, practical things that will help you when job searching for anything from comic book clerk to a creative director.

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Protecting Artist Alley: The Tricky Business of Convention Art Sales

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The comic book industry exists largely in a vacuum, playing by our own rules – and fast and loose even with those. Among them: the “blind eye” that publishers turn towards Artist Alley’s bustling commerce of non-licensed trademark exploitation. The dollars are generally too small, the usage too benevolent, to raise corporate eyebrows. Tradition says, as long as we avoid the rampant bootlegging of the hucksters, the Alley is healthy for our industry and its fans. Now, though, the game may be changing.

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Eight Pitfalls to Avoid in your Social Media Profile

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Social media is a powerful communication and marketing tool. If you want to gain notoriety for yourself and/or your intellectual property, product or business, there’s pretty much no avoiding the usefulness of the social nets. Your social media profiles will be scrutinized. They way you present yourself on social profiles can present a quick overview of your personality, skills and ambitions. However, you can totally blow that first impression – and in so doing lose a potential interview, client, customer or follower – by falling victim to one of these social mistakes.