Vivian Shaw - Strange Practice

Vivian Shaw – Author, “Strange Practice”

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Vivian Shaw - Strange Practice

Fictitious Podcast with Debut Author Vivian Shaw

In this episode, we chat with author Vivian Shaw, whose debut novel — Strange Practice — was just released from Orbit Books.

Strange Practice introduces Dr. Greta Helsing, a normal human physician working to keep the supernatural community not-alive and well in modern-day London. Having inherited her family’s specialized medical practice, Greta can barely make ends meet with her treatments for local mummies. But when a sect of murderous monks begins to scour the city’s underbelly, intent on killing her unusual friends, she must team up with her undead clients to keep them — and the rest of London — safe.

Filled with fresh twists on classic monsters and imaginative mash-ups, this new series is a perfect fit for fans of contemporary fantasy. Alongside Greta, the cast includes a highly domesticated Draculean vampire, an immortal demonic accountant, a demoralized yet angsty lunar vampyre, and a bemused human museum curator.

Strange Practice combines the supernatural mythology of the past with the tools and tribulations of modern day, in a story told with wit, whimsy, and a heaping helping of creeping dread.

We talk with Vivian Shaw about how the novel progressed over more than a decade, from a NaNoWriMo experiment to her first serious foray into publishing. We also talk about how she honed her writing chops in the world of fan-fiction, building a significant audience online that she hopes will follow her into published original works.

Strange Practice is available now via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever books are sold.

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Vivian Shaw Bio

Vivian Shaw was born in Kenya and spent her early childhood in England before relocating to the US at the age of seven. She has a BA in art history and an MFA in creative writing, and has worked in academic publishing and development while researching everything from the history of spaceflight to supernatural physiology. In her spare time, she writes popular fanfiction for Star Wars, Marvel, Discworld and more under the name of Coldhope.