Adron Buske

Adron Buske has been a broadcast and digital media professional since 2001. He is the host and creative director for the Nerd For A Living family of podcasts, and for Fictitious, a podcast about the storytelling craft of science fiction and fantasy. A frequent presenter at pop culture events and comic conventions around the country, Adron speaks about careers in genre entertainment and ways to power-up your personal and professional life using ideas from gaming and fiction. During the course of his career, he has worn many creative hats, including: video director, graphic designer, web developer, fashion photographer, performing musician, corporate executive, gaming festival organizer, voice talent, and comic creator.

Adron Buske at Podcast Movement 2016, introducing speaker Aaron Manke
Adron Buske moderating the Here They Be Dragons panel at San Diego Comic Con 2018.

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