Animation Invasion - a Podcast about Careers in Cartoons & Animated Media presented by Nerd For A Living


Do you love cartoons, animated films, anime? Do you dream of a career bringing dynamic, imaginative stories to life through animated media? Do you want to invade the cartoon industry, to tell your stories, create your art, lend your voice? Or are you a fan who’s interested in the creation process and what it takes to create the animated worlds you enjoy?

The Animation Invasion podcast examines careers in animated media through interviews with working industry creators – producers, artists, voice actors, writers, and more. Whether you’re trying to develop your own career or just love learning about the medium, Animation Invasion gives you access to the knowledge and experience of professionals living the animated life.

Hosted by Adron Buske. Produced by Wendy Buske. Presented by Nerd For A Living.

Animation Invasion concluded its broadcast run in January 2018.

Animation Invasion Podcast Episodes