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N4AL’s “Be Your Own Hero” at Super Heroine’s Etc.’s SHE in the Pub

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Adron Buske presents Be Your Own Hero at SHE in the Pub

Be Your Own Hero: Leveling Up Personally & Professionally

Photos courtesy Carolyn Noe and Super Heroines, Etc.

On the evening of Monday, August 24th, Nerd For A Living joined Super Heroines, Etc. for their SHE in the Pub gathering. Held at Schlafly Bottleworks in St. Louis, MO, the SHE in the Pub events are fun evenings of learning and dining. Nerdy folks of mutual interests get together for some friendly socializing, and to enjoy entertaining and informative presentations, panels, demonstrations, and more.

At this event, Nerd For A Living’s Adron Buske presented our “Be Your Own Hero: Leveling Up Personally & Professionally” interactive session to a large crowd of attendees.

Using familiar gaming concepts from tabletop and video game RPGs, “Be Your Own Hero” combines an entertaining group activity with personal reflection. In the process, it produces a useful takeaway to keep attendees motivated long afterward.

The “Be Your Own Hero” goal-setting exercise encourages participants to create a “leveled-up” version of themselves as a roadmap to future success. Instead of emulating an idol or mentor, whose career path they are unlikely to duplicate, the SHE in the Pub attendees constructed an accomplished – yet realistic – future self to use as their measurement for success.

Be Your Own Hero Feedback from SHE in the Pub

After a short presentation, Adron led the audience through our special “Be Your Own Hero” character sheets. These sheets track skills, professions, personal attributes, and goals. Participants compared and contrasted their present and future selves to highlight their strengths, expose their weaknesses, and map a progress timeline towards personal achievement.

We were super pleased with the audience response to the presentation and overall engagement in this motivational session. We received a ton of great feedback after the presentation and online. The crowd was enthusiastic, involved, and seemed to be enjoying themselves as they constructed paper-RPG versions of themselves.

We want to thank Carolyn Noe and Super Heroines, Etc. for an excellent evening out with fine company and nerdy fun.

Adron will presenting “Be Your Own Hero” at the upcoming PixelPop Festival. PixelPop celebrates game development and gaming culture. If you’ll be at the show, don’t miss our Sunday afternoon session.

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