Abbie Heppe

Respawn Entertainment Community Manager Abbie Heppe

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Abbie Heppe at C2E2 2014At C2E2 2014, we spoke with the wonderful Abbie Heppe of Respawn Entertainment. Respawn is the independent gaming company that brought us TITANFALL.

Abbie is Respawn’s Community Manager, as well as the voice of ‘Sarah’ in the Titanfall video game. Her gaming career started in 2006 as an editor at Tips & Tricks magazine. Later she was the Senior Games Content Producer for G4, the co-host of the Feedback podcast with Adam Sessler and a reviewer for X-Play.

Our conversation with Abbie highlights the odd routes one can take to find work in the gaming industry, the competition for jobs, and the highs and lows of such a demanding career.

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Abbie Heppe with Nerd for a Living's Wendy Buske at C2E2 2014