Marisa Stotter, She Makes Comics

“She Makes Comics” Documentary Director Marisa Stotter

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Marisa Stotter, Director of the She Makes Comics DocumentaryMarisa Stotter, director of the upcoming documentary She Makes Comics from Respect films, talks with N4AL’s Wendy and Adron about the genesis of the project, the successful funding of their Kickstarter campaign, and the challenges facing women creators – and fans – in the comics industry.

Respect Films has produced an impressive collection of comic-related documentaries, including films about Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis, Grant Morrison, and the founders of Image Comics.

She Makes Comics documentary logoShe Makes Comics is the untold history of women creators in comic books. From the early days of the medium to the present, women have had an important but sometimes overlooked hand in the comics industry. While women have made significant strides in the medium over the past several decades, it’s still not easy to be a woman in comics. Marisa’s documentary intends to emphasize the valuable contributions women have made, all the way back to the Golden Age. They may not be as recognizable as Will Eisner or Stan Lee, but they hope to make some of comics’ most prolific women into household names by showcasing their talents and contributions.

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