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Happy Badger Studio and Rampant Interactive’s Dana Huth and Carol Mertz

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This week, Adron talks with Dana Huth and Carol Mertz, co-founders of web design and development firm Rampant Interactive, and indie game studio Happy Badger.

Dana Huth Carol Mertz
Dana Huth
Studio Manager / Lead Designer
Carol Mertz
Interactive Director

Happy Badger logoRampant Interactive is a four-year-old, St. Louis-based digital production company creating websites and mobile apps.

But while this 4 person (and one dog) operation primarily pays the bills with client-focused online products, their real passion is game development. Carol and Dana, along with co-founder Ben Triola, create casual gaming experiences for mobile devices via Happy Badger Studio.

Their games, offered free through app stores and supported by in-game ads, include:

Carol and Dana share the joys and challenges of starting up your own business, and developing your game plan over time to focus on what makes you happiest. We discuss the current state of indie game development, the obstacles an indie studio faces trying to make money in the casual gaming market, and the experience of women working in the gaming industry.

Carol is also the chairman of the St. Louis chapter of IGDA, the International Game Developer’s Association.

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