San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Special with Crazy4ComicCon’s Tony B. Kim

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San Diego Comic Con expert Tony B. Kim of Crazy4ComicCon

We’re just days away from San Diego Comic Con 2015!

San Diego Comic Con International is the World Series of nerd-dom, and we’re excited to make our 5th journey to the big show. With that in mind, it seemed appropriate for us to talk with a real SDCC expert, Tony B. Kim.

Tony B. KimTony blogs under the moniker Crazy4ComicCon. He’s been documenting and examining the San Diego experience for 10 years. His blog features one of the most comprehensive resources for advice and Comic-Con information.

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San Diego Comic Con is an experience like no other, and can be very confusing and even harrowing for the first time con-goer. Tony’s work is a huge help for both regular attendees and enterprising nerds looking to network and advance their careers. If you’re trying to prepare for the controlled chaos of SDCC, you need to be reading his blog.

Tony’s also an experienced moderator, leading panel discussions at SDCC and other conventions around the country. And, at this year’s event, he is hosting the Game of Bloggers meet-up, a networking event for nerd journalists and content creators.

Tony offers a ton of great advice for San Diego con-goers, but much of it could be useful to other big pop culture shows, too. Whether it’s your first time at San Diego Comic Con, or you’re a repeat attendee looking to up your game, Tony’s experience and guidance is invaluable.

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