Danielle Davis, founder of Ladykiller marketing and PR

Danielle Davis, Founder of Ladykiller Marketing

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Podcast Interview with Danielle Davis, Founder of Ladykiller Marketing

This week, Nerd For A Living’s Wendy and Adron talk with Danielle Davis, founder and “chief casbah rocker” of Seattle-based transmedia marketing, public relations, and event company Ladykiller.

Danielle Davis, founder of Ladykiller marketingDanielle and Ladykiller serve the pop culture and gaming industries with marketing strategy, talent management, publicity and event services.

We first encountered Danielle in her role as talent rep for Thrilling Adventure Hour’s Hal Lublin. We were immediately impressed by her professionalism, warmth and humor. And once we looked further into the Ladykiller brand, we discovered an amazing company devoted to creating results for nerdy businesses and media personalities.

Danielle is a marketer, publicist and entrepreneur with a career spanning gaming, tech, pop culture, comics, music, and Hollywood. She has a particular focus on comic-cons and gaming conventions. She founded Ladykiller in summer of 2013, to design and execute transmedia marketing campaigns as well as producing live events to promote and represent a wide variety of brands and talent.

Ladykiller’s clients and partners include The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Nerdist Industries, Tom DeLonge (Blink 182, Angels & Airwaves), Marvel, Oni Press, LootCreate, NerdHQ, Wacom, and Welcome to Night Vale.

Along with business partner Jeremy Morris, Danielle is the co-founder of I Heart Comic Art, an annual benefit event in Seattle’s Capital Hill, dedicated to promoting and encouraging local indie comic artists and providing artist grants. She also serves as a juror for Indiecade: the International Festival of Independent Games.

Through Ladykiller, Danielle leads a team of marketing and event specialists. She travels all over the country – and sometimes outside of it – with her clients.

Danielle’s career and success is testament to the power of eclectic skill sets and a can-do attitude. Her enthusiasm for her work and clients is infectious, as is her eagerness to tackle new challenges and responsibilities.

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