Inspired Connections Summit

Inspired Connections Summit

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A Free Online Event – Starting August 2nd, 2017

Here at Nerd for a Living, we’re all about exploring the ways stories impact our creativity and our lives. We talk about it all the time on our podcasts, and in our live panels at events and conventions. When you turn your fandom into a career, you’re giving yourself a way to build a community around the stories that excite you.

So we’re psyched to be joining writer, editor, and creative community builder Katy Morgan as part of her FREE virtual event, the Inspired Connections Summit, beginning on August 2nd. We’ll be part of a collection of speakers and experts sharing the importance of stories and how you can use them to build a supportive, inspiring community.

You won’t want to miss it! Click the button to sign up now. (You can also join the Facebook group.)

There are creative people out there just like you. They love the same books you do. They patronize the same local stores. They stay up way too late writing, making art, crafting, composing music, planning their exciting new business. Just like you.

You are not alone. And it’s time to stop feeling & acting like you are.

The Inspired Connections Summit is a completely free online summit bringing you stories from creative people who are pros at building communities around the work they love. They’ll be telling you all about:

  • How stories help us discover who we are and why we’re here
  • How to cultivate happiness in your work and the way you share it
  • Why a good story inspires us to create what happens next
  • How authenticity and empathy draw others to you and your work