Jessie Graff, American Ninja Warrior, Supergirl Stuntwoman

Jessie Graff – American Ninja Warrior, and “Supergirl” Stuntwoman

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Jessie Graff, American Ninja Warrior, Supergirl Stuntwoman

Podcast Interview with Jessie Graff, Hollywood Stuntwoman and American Ninja Warrior

In this episode, we’re super excited to talk to American Ninja Warrior breakout star Jessie Graff. Jessie is a Hollywood stuntwoman, with an amazing body of work in film and television, including Supergirl, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., X-Men: First Class, Iron Man 2, Heroes, and many, many more.

But while most stunt people are hidden faces behind the scenes, Jessie has become a very popular public persona through the television competition American Ninja Warrior. Through several seasons of amazing athletic feats, Jessie has broken barriers as the first female athlete to advance to the City Finals, and the first to make it to Stage 2 of the National Finals. She stands among the sport’s most elite competitors.

But her popularity isn’t just because of her success or peak human physical condition. She’s become a fan favorite due to her positive attitude and bright personality.

We talk with Jessie about how she balances Ninja Warrior competitions with the unpredictable schedule of a stunt person. We discuss her lifetime spent learning dozens of skill sets and combining them for her work. She explains what it’s like to get to be a superhero, and her favorite, most insane stunts. And, starting off, we meet her pet pig, Sammo, a feisty little athlete in her own right.

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