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‘Turning your Art into your Business’ Panel from Wizard World Chicago 2013

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Wizard World Comic-ConAt Wizard World Chicago Con 2013, Nerd For A Living presented a Saturday afternoon panel on marketing your brand or product. The panel, “Turning your Art into your Business: How to Market & Sell Online”, was moderated by N4AL’s Wendy Buske and featured social media strategist Kelly Stephenson and Loop & Hoodie writer and Armadian Creative owner Adron Buske.

Download a PDF of the Panel Presentation. [PDF 2.75MB]

Click here to download the podcast.

For those who couldn’t be at Wizard World Chicago, this podcast is a recording of the panel. We offer helpful tips on creating your own online brand for artists, creatives and DIYers. The panel examines how to get your small business started online, how to grow your audience, legal consideration for your business, and how to market yourself in the digital space.

A couple of notes about the panel: we were on at the same time as a Firefly/Serenity retrospective panel with Summer Glau, Alay Tudyk and Morena Baccarin, hence the Firefly mention at the beginning of the presentation (and why there was no Browncoat representation in the audience). During the Q&A session at the end, the mics didn’t pick up the questions, so we’ve edited that dead air out of the podcast. Hopefully you’ll get the context of those audience questions from our responses.

We welcome your feedback on our panel! Please use the comments below to give us your questions, concerns or suggestions for future panels.