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Parry Gripp – Nerf Herder Frontman and Emmy-Winning Songwriter

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Nerf Herder

Podcast Interview with Nerf Herder’s Parry Gripp

Our guest this episode is Parry Gripp, a founding member of the seminal nerd-rock band Nerf Herder, and an Emmy-winning songwriter with numerous credits in animation, along with a plethora of viral sensations.

Nerf Herder emerged from the mid-nineties alternative rock scene, playing a signature blend of modern alt-punk characterized by humorous lyrics and pop culture references. Their breakout hit, called “Van Halen”, paid tribute to Parry’s favorite musicians while playfully stabbing at that band’s internal drama.

A few years later, they recorded the theme song to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, cementing their immortality with nerd fandom. They even appear in one of Buffy’s final episodes, as the last band to play at the show’s recurring hangout, The Bronze.

In 2016, Nerfherder released their 5th record, Rockingham, chock full of geek-friendly anthems like “At The Con”, “I’m The Droid (You’re Looking For)”, and “Ghostbusters III”.

Nerf Herder at New York Comic Con

As we release this episode, Nerf Herder is returning to the American Northeast for the first time in 15 years, to play a special New York Comic Con concert at The Bell House in Brooklyn on Thursday, October 5th. They’ll also be taking part in a number of other New York Comic Con events. (More info on those below.)

Alongside his career with the band, frontman Parry Gripp has also had a surprising and fascinating career as a songwriter of advertising jingles, novelty sing-a-longs, and animation themes. Several of his songs have gone insanely viral, including “Do You Like Waffles?”, “Spaghetti Cat (I Weep For You)”, “Yum Yum Breakfast Burrito”, “There’s A Cat Licking Your Birthday Cake” and – our personal favorite – “Raining Tacos”.

Parry also performed the themes to the animated series Super Hero Squad Show, Ben 10: Omniverse, and The 7D. And he won the 2017 Daytime Creative Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Song for “I’m Not Very Nice”, also from Disney’s The 7D.

Parry Gripp - Emmy Award
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Nerf Herder New York Comic Con Schedule

Nerf Herder signing – hosted by Dark Horse
Thursday, October 5, 2-2:45PM, Dark Horse booth #1636
Come meet Nerf Herder and celebrate the 20th anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Merch will be available for sale – and the guys will be signing a special free “color it yourself” page from the Buffy Adult Coloring Book. But wait, there’s more! Stop by for a chance to win two tickets to their rock show in Brooklyn that evening!
NYCC Thursday badge required

NYCC Geek Rock Block
NYCC Live Stage at Javits Center, booth #174
Thursday, October 5, 3-3:30PM
Check out live interviews with some of the top names in Geek Rock including Nerf Herder, Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm.
NYCC Thursday badge required

Geek Rock Block Meet & Greet with Nerf Herder, Jonathan Coulton & Paul & Storm – hosted by Loot Crate
Thursday, October 5, 3:30-4:30PM, Loot Crate booth #536
Loot Crate brings you an hour of geeking out with the biggest names in Geek Rock: Nerf Herder (Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme), Jonathan Coulton aka “JoCo” (Portal) and musical comedy duo Paul & Storm. Come meet everyone, have something signed AND sign up for your chance to win 2 tickets to Nerf Herder in Brooklyn on 10/5 and 2 tickets to JoCo and Paul & Storm in Brooklyn on 10/6. (both 21+) Merch will also be available for sale.
NYCC Thursday badge required

Nerf Herder Live at Bell House with Corn Mo
Thursday, October 5, 10:30PM, Bell House, Brooklyn – Buy Tickets
Pioneers of the late 90’s Pop-Punk and Geek Rock movements, Nerf Herder are perhaps best known for their powerful theme to the iconic Joss Whedon TV show, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Last year, the band released its newest full length “Rockingham” and now is returning to the Northeast for the first time in 15 years. Not to be missed!
21+ – NYCC badge not required.