Planet Comicon in Kansas City

Planet Comicon 2018: Nerd For A Living’s Adron Buske in Kansas City

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Planet Comicon in Kansas City

Planet Comicon 2018 Programming

Nerd For A Living’s Adron Buske returns to Kansas City for Planet Comicon — February 16th-18th at Bartle Hall Kansas City Convention Center.

Planet Comicon always features an amazing guest list, huge artist alley and exhibitor floor, and lots of fantastic panel programming. But perhaps the coolest thing about Planet is the incredible audience it pulls in, with some of the most fun, engaged, coolest attendees we’ve met. It’s always a pleasure to appear on stage in front of the KC crowd!

This time around, Adron will be leading several interview sessions with professionals from the world of animation (very close to our heart!). After great feedback from the 2017 show, our “Real Life Power-Up” panel returns — updated and revamped for a fresh new experience! And Adron will introduce you to the world of making podcasts with the “Podcast Peptalk” presentation.

Full programming for Planet Comicon is available on their site here. Below is a full list of Nerd For A Living hosted panels.

Friday Programming

PLANET THEATER: Let's Get Dangerous with Jim Cummings

PLANET THEATER: Let’s Get Dangerous with Jim Cummings

Friday, February 16th | 3:00pm – 4:00pm | Great Hall (Room 3501 ACEG)

Another iconic Disney voice comes to Planet Comicon. Jim Cummings, the voice behind some of your favorite Disney characters such as Tigger and Winnie the Pooh along with the masked mallard Darkwing Duck, will take all your questions about voicing iconic characters in animation. Don’t miss it!

Moderated by Adron Buske.

PLANET THEATER: Water Tower Talk with the Animaniacs

PLANET THEATER: Water Tower Talk with the Animaniacs

Friday, February 16th | 4:00pm – 5:00pm | Great Hall (Room 3501 ACEG)

Join a some of the premiere voices from one of animation’s most fondly remembered shows when Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell, and Maurice LaMarche share their fond memories of Animaniacs and Pinky & the Brain.

Moderated by Adron Buske.

Podcast Peptalk

Podcast Peptalk: How to Produce Your Own Show

Friday, February 16th | 5:30pm – 6:30pm | Room 2505B

Podcasting offers a treasure trove of creative possibilities – inventive audio storytelling, fan discussion, thoughtful documentaries, and intimate interviews. The barriers to entry are low, and the gatekeepers few, so what’s stopping you from creating your own? Veteran podcaster Adron Buske (host/co-producer of Nerd For A Living, Fictitious, and Animation Invasion) provides a step-by-step guide to starting and maintaining your own show. Designed for both hobbyists and serious audio entrepreneurs, this presentation will introduce you to the technology, skills, and habits necessary to produce a quality program and find your audience.

Saturday Programming

RWBY Cast - Planet Comicon 2018

PLANET THEATRE: The World of Remnant Q&A With the Cast of RWBY

Saturday, February 17th | 11:00-Noon | Grand Ballroom

Return to Remnant with members of team RWBY and STRQ as they take a break from saving the world. Join Lindsay Jones (Ruby), Kara Eberle (Weiss), Arryn Zech (Blake), Barbara Dunkelman (Yang), Elizabeth Maxwell (Winter), and Michael Jones (Sun) for this fun live interview and get to know the voices behind the hit animated series.

Moderated by Adron Buske.

Zach Callison - Steven Universe - Planet Comic Con 2018

PLANET THEATRE: The Steven Universe Hour with Zach Callison

Saturday, February 17th | 12:00-1:00pm | Great Hall (Room 3501 ACEG)

Kansas City becomes Beach City as Steven Universe himself, Zach Callison comes to Planet Comicon for a special Q&A. Come hear the voice tell the stories behind the beloved Cartoon Network show. Zach also has a love of music he wants to share with all of you.

Moderated by Adron Buske.

Real Life Power-Up event header

Real Life Power-Up: Leveling Up Personally & Professionally

Saturday, February 17th | 2:30-3:30pm | Room 2505B

New & Improved 2018 Edition!
This goal-setting workshop encourages attendees to create “leveled-up” versions of themselves as roadmaps to future success! Participants will construct a future-self using special character sheets that track skills, professions, and goals. They’ll then compare their present and future selves to highlight strengths, expose weaknesses, and map their way to achieving personal goals. Using familiar RPG gaming concepts, this session combines interactive fun with a useful, motivational takeaway.

Presented by Nerd For A Living’s Adron Buske.

Archer - Planet Comicon 2018

Something Something Danger Zone! Behind the scenes of Archer

Saturday, February 17th | 4:00-5:00pm | Room 2502A

We’re still doing phrasing! Planet Comicon is the place to go behind the scenes of the hit FX Network show Archer. Storyboard artist Kevin Mellon and Trinity Animation show you some cool behind the scenes stuff.

Moderated by Adron Buske.