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Introduction to the Nerd For A Living Podcast

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Nerd For A Living PodcastWelcome to the introductory Nerd For A Living podcast. Get acquainted with your hosts: Wendy Buske (N4AL’s Marketing Director, and a Digital Producer for St. Louis advertising agency Rodgers Townsend) and Adron Buske (N4AL’s Creative Director, owner of Armadian Creative, writer and comic creator). We explain the purpose of Nerd For A Living – both the website and the podcast – and why we created it.

We also do a quick recap of San Diego Comic Con 2013 and share some of the awesome nerdy things we’re currently geeking out about.

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Interviews start next episode!

Nerd For A Living is dedicated to helping nerds like you discover fulfilling, profitable and sustainable career paths in the industries you love – like comics, gaming, anime, genre film and tv, publishing, and more. Whether you’re an artist or an accountant, a developer or DIYer, N4AL provides tools and information to help you pursue and achieve those goals.