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Project: Comic Con Panel – Achievement Unlocked! Promoting and Profiting from Your Passion

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Project: Comic Con in St. Louis

Nerd For A Living Joins Super Heroines, Etc’s Programming Track at St. Louis’ Project: Comic Con

Saturday, October 17 – Sunday, October 18 | Sheraton Lakeside Chalet, Westport Plaza Dr, St Louis, MO

St. Louis’ Project: Comic Con is a long-running, small regional convention focused on comic books and creators. It provides excellent opportunities for fans to meet both established creators and up-and-coming local talent. This year, the event also carries a focus on female creators, featuring 13 women working in and making comics.

The convention also provides speaker and education panels. Our friends at Super Heroines, Etc. have teamed with Project: Comic Con to produce a track of S.H.E. created programming. The full listing of these panels can be found here, but one in particular includes Nerd For A Living’s creative director and podcast host, Adron Buske.

Achievement Unlocked! Promoting and Profiting from Your Passion

Saturday, October 17 – 10:00am-10:45am

Do you have an amazing idea for a business, product, or story? Are you an artist, cosplayer, writer, game designer, engineer, mad genius, or someone who just wants to do what you love and make a living? Join our panel as they talk about the tricks and tactics of making a living doing what you love, focusing on one of the biggest steps: self promotion.

Moderated by Carol Mertz of Happy Badger Studio, this panel’s guest speakers include:

About Super Heroines, Etc.

Super Heroines, Etc.Super Heroines, Etc. (SHE) is a 501c3 nonprofit focused on empowering women through educational events, classes, and workshops. As nerd and geek communities – like the tech field, comic conventions, and social media – are increasingly becoming hostile to women, SHE provides safe spaces for women through their mission to foster a women-focused community of nerds to learn, be creative, and gain confidence.

SHE does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, ancestry, or national or ethnic origin.

All are welcome! They ask that everyone is respectful and welcoming of all who join the group. Though they are female focused, men are welcome to join the group.

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