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Real Life Power-Up: Leveling Up Personally & Professionally

This goal-setting workshop encourages attendees to create “leveled-up” versions of themselves as roadmaps to personal and professional success. Using familiar RPG gaming concepts, this session combines interactive fun with a useful, motivational takeaway.

Participants construct a Quest, which guides their self-improvement choices. They use special “character sheets” to track skills and personal attributes, and design goals for self improvement and advancement . This method highlights strengths, exposes weaknesses, and helps them correlate those abilities with their careers and professional growth.

The Real Life Power-Up doesn’t ask “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”, as too many job interviews do. Instead, it asks you who you want to become, and helps you design that person. Because your Quest is about more than accomplishments — it’s about creating meaning, crafting your own Story.

Created by Adron Buske

Adron Buske has been a broadcast and digital media professional since 2001. He is the creative director and host of the Nerd For A Living family of podcasts and co-founder of Armadian Media. A frequent presenter at pop culture events and comic conventions around the country, Adron speaks about careers in genre entertainment and ways to power-up your personal and professional life using ideas from gaming and storytelling.

Adron worked 11 years in the radio industry as a multimedia creative director, until he left in 2013 to start his own company. During the course of his career, he has worn many creative hats, including: video director, graphic designer, web developer, fashion photographer, performing musician, corporate executive, gaming festival organizer, voice talent, and comic creator.

You can hear Adron host the Nerd For A Living, Fictitious, and Animation Invasion podcasts on Apple Podcasts and Google Play (and on this site). You can follow Adron on Twitter as @AdronBuske.

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