Shadi Petosky, Danger and Eggs Co-Creator

Shadi Petosky – Co-Creator, “Danger and Eggs”

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Shadi Petosky, Danger and Eggs Co-Creator

Animation Invasion Interview with Writer/Showrunner Shadi Petosky

Shadi Petosky is a writer, comics creator, animator, and showrunner, and the co-founder of interactive media and animation studio, Puny Entertainment.

She co-created the fast-paced, incessantly funny kids series, Danger & Eggs, for Amazon Prime. The show follows the endless adventures of the fearless D.D. Danger (voiced by SNL’s Aidy Bryant), alongside her ever-cautious best friend, a giant egg named Phillip (performed by Eric Knobel).

The voice cast includes a ton of notable actors and voice over artists, including Stephanie Beatriz, Kimberly Brooks, Jasika Nicole, and Felicia Day. Chris Hardwick is an executive producer for the program and also provides voices.

Danger & Eggs has been nominated for a Critic’s Choice award, an Annie Award, and a GLAAD award. It’s been widely praised for the inclusion of LGBT characters and themes. However, as of the time of this recording, Danger and Eggs has not yet been confirmed for a second season by Amazon.

Shadi also has a number of other projects in production, notably the recently announced animated series Twelve Forever, coming to Netflix in 2019.

We talk about how she made the leap from comics to animation by way of a small digital agency in Minneapolis, the genesis and development of Danger & Eggs, how new streaming avenues compare to traditional studios for animated projects, and a lot more.