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Drew Chapman, Author of “The King of Fear” & Television Writer

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We talk with Drew Chapman, author of the new thriller novel The King of Fear, published by Simon & Schuster. It’s the sequel to his first novel, The Ascendant. Drew is also an established writer from the world of television and film. He co-wrote and executive produced the second season of TNT’s Legends, starring Sean Bean, as well as the ABC limited series The Assets.

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Monkey Minion Press Founders Dane Ault and Ashlie Hammond

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We talk with Dane Ault and Ashlie Hammond, the founders of Monkey Minion Press. Dane is an artist and graphic designer. Ashlie is a creative copywriter and crafter. Together, as Monkey Minion Press, they produce art prints, T-shirts, greeting cards, kids’ books, and much more. Monkey Minion’s first Kickstarter campaign, for their book “Eureka! The Art of Science”, just blew past their initial funding goal of $8,500, and will close at more than $32,000.

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The Devastator founders Amanda Meadows and Geoffrey Golden

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We talk with comedy writers Geoffrey Golden and Amanda Meadows, the founders of The Devastator. Formerly a bi-annual humor anthology, The Devastator is now an all-comedy publishing company producing new novels, comics, magazines, and activity books every month. We discuss the genesis of The Devastator, the reasoning behind their move away from anthologies to one-off publications, the challenges facing independent publishers in the Direct market, and much more.

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Josh Blaylock, Publisher and Founder of Devil’s Due Entertainment

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We talk with serial entrepreneur, writer and comics artist Josh Blaylock, founder and publisher of Devil’s Due Entertainment. Devil’s Due currently publishes a number of creator-owned comic book titles, including Squarriors, Plume, Drafted, Solitary and Josh’s own Mercy Sparx. Josh also recently launched Blockhouse – his nerd-trepreneur incubator and umbrella for business endeavors outside and alongside comics.

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“Drinking Quest” Game Creator Jason Anarchy

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We talk with Jason Anarchy, creator of the popular RPG card game Drinking Quest, a social tabletop gaming experience for friends looking to partake in adult beverages while smiting monsters and hoarding loot and experience points. You get the fun of Dungeons & Dragons-esque roleplaying in a streamlined, easy to learn and play card game.

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Tony Hale and Archibald’s Next Big Thing

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We are super excited for this N4AL podcast, because we had the chance to talk to the co-creators of the new children’s book, Archibald’s Next Big Thing, including Emmy-Award winner TONY HALE! Archibald’s Next Big Thing is a collaborative effort with co-writer Tony Biaggne, with artists Misty Manley and Victor Huckabee. We caught up with the two Tonys and Victor before their signing at Happy Up Toys in Edwardsville, IL.