Wendy Buske, Producer and PR Director for Nerd For A LivingNerd For A Living co-founder Wendy Buske is our producer and PR director, and occasional podcast co-host. She is also a contributing writer to the site and is a speaker panel moderator at conventions and events. In other words… she doesn’t sleep much. Her nerd obsessions started as child, with Star Wars and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Today she’s passionate about all things Marvel, Whovian, Sherlock, and Harry Potter related.

Wendy is a Senior Digital Producer & Content Marketing Lead at award-winning advertising agency, Rodgers Townsend.

She has over 9 years of agency experience in digital media, advertising and marketing. Her specialties include digital marketing strategy with a focus on branding, website usability, email marketing, social media, content SEO, copywriting, public relations and relationship management, and event coordination.

In the marketing industry, she has been involved in a wide range of projects from strategic inception through launch. Wendy has been a project manager, strategist, producer, copywriter, QA specialist, media buyer, content manager, email marketer and social media tactician – sometimes all at once. It has been a hands-on education in how to build an online presence, and she’s excited to learn more every day.

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