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Wizard World Chicago N4AL Panel Appearances

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Wizard World Comic-ConThis weekend, Nerd For A Living is headed to Wizard World Chicago. If you’ll be at the show, come meet N4AL podcast host and creative director Adron Buske at Artist Alley table B-8 to pick up some swag.

And don’t miss Adron’s appearances on several speaker panels throughout the weekend!

How to Be a Nerd For a Living: Career Paths Within Nerd Culture

Friday, August 22nd
1:30pm-2:15pm | Room 2

Our popular Nerd For A Living panel returns to Chicago with exciting new speakers!

Want to work in a fandom-related industry you’re passionate about, but not sure where to start? These professional “Nerds for a Living” will discuss careers within film, animation, comics, illustration and more and share their career-building experiences. Topics include training, online resources, networking, and tactics to use (and avoid) for breaking into your dream industry.

Moderated by Adron Buske. This panel will conclude with an audience Q&A.

What’s the Story? Creating Stories that Captivate

Saturday, August 23rd
12:00pm – 12:45pm | Room 1

Whether you are a seasoned writer or a brand new one, the journey of writing a compelling story is a tumultuous one. It is often time laden with all kinds of discouraging land-mines or creative dead-ends. Join our special guest speakers as they discuss the essentials to writing captivating stories on this one-of-a-kind panel. This experienced team of writers, directors, and producers will share their secrets to not only completing a compelling story but developing habits to be a more effective content creator. Featuring:

  • Jon Schnepp – producer/director (Metalocalypse, The Venture Bros)
  • Allen Turner – game design instructor, DePaul University
  • Adron Buske – writer (Vital Signs, Amby Verce & The Ascenders)

Moderated by Adam Simon (actor/writer – Man Down; Synapse). 

Building your Creative Platform: Everything you need to Know about Self Promotion

Sunday, August 24th
11:30am – 12:15pm | Room 6

As an artist, writer, producer, designer, actor, musician or creator, self-promotion is an important part of building a career. However, if poorly executed, self-promotion can do more harm than good. How is the conventional wisdom wrong? What are the more advisable but underrated neglected approaches? Hear our special guest speakers discuss this pivotal topic. Find out what promotional techniques they use, have seen, or have adopted, and their personal experiences building a business, an online presence, and best practices to utilize in every entertainment industry. Featuring:

  • C.S. Marks – author (Elfhunter, Fire-Heart, Ravenshade)
  • Kim Koltzau – owner of Steampunk Cellars
  • Ryan Morrow – content director / writer, OneSquaredStudios.com

Moderated by Adron Buske. This panel will conclude with an audience Q&A.